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WonderWorks Photography is a locally owned business, serving clients with outstanding quality portraits and composite photography services since 2010. We go out of our way to find out what makes our clients special and then reflect that in our finished portraits.

We have our own finishing lab, so all of our finished pieces are developed in-house to ensure professional, high quality results. 

I have been in love with the arts from my earliest childhood memories. First, it was music. From age 5 all the way through college, I was immersed in the magic of music. All kinds of music; especially the freedom and expression that is jazz.

During my time in college, I also started taking photographs. I became amazed and in love with the images I could create with a camera in my hand. The visual arts started to take over.

In the beginning, I was focused on capturing the beauty, the majesty, and the incomparable subject matter of Nature. My mission was to awaken the inner child of my viewers in order to help them to see the world around them once again as children see it. 

I not only wanted to produce images that my viewers loved, took home and enjoyed, but I wanted to have a shared artistic experience with them. I wanted to reach into them and them into me, tell them a story and have them experience its meaning.   

As with my love for jazz, I wanted my visual art to draw the onlooker to a deeper place, that of a partnership with me; of being with me when each spontaneous phrase and image is created.

I was successful with this. I sold thousands of pieces and am very proud of that. But I never felt like I achieved that thing I wanted; that magic experience with my viewer. Close, but no cigar as they say. Then, at the urging of my amazing wife, I discovered portraits. With my subject on one side of the lens, and me on the other, we become almost as one. We come to a place during a session where we are breathing one breath. And the effect on the final art, the portrait, is simply amazing and more satisfying than anything I have ever done artistically. This art creates itself.  

They love the experience and I love the experience. They love the art and I love the art. It is a true shared experience and a way for me to finally express myself to the world around me.

A Word From Our Owner

mike & Jan wells