Personalized Photo Sessions

WonderWorks Photography is your home for the most unique photography and portraits in Northeast Atlanta. With our artistic designs and personal touch, we will capture exactly what makes you special during our individualized photo sessions. We go out of our way to ensure you feel comfortable and have a great experience during your photo shoot with us.

For Gorgeous Portraits

Our session begins with a FREE consultation to get to know you. Then we customize a portrait art design around your unique personality and goals.

We create a plan for your portrait art using our designs and settings and poses for the photo shoot; we also include what you should do to prepare. We have relationships with local makeup and hair professionals if needed, and we will provide you with clothing guidelines and suggestions.

During the photo session, we will coach you through the poses and apply settings and lighting in order to achieve the final designs.

After the session, we cull your best photos from the session for a review where, together,  we select the final images to be used for the portrait.  Then our creative team and energy kicks in and we create a one of a kind composite portrait art masterpiece that is uniquely yours.    

Our in-house finishing lab has the tools and resources to finish your images for digital upload, photo books, prints, banners, canvases, metal prints, resin finishes, and a variety of mounts and frames for you.


your photo session 

Our Photo Session Plans


This session is great for a family holiday portrait, individual and couples portrait, headshot, or anyone needing a couple  of professional, high-resolution finished images for their home, office, website, or social media. One setting and one wardrobe. We will create a beautifully crafted artistic composite of your choosing from this shoot and make the other images you select from the shoot available as digital media.  

$250 plus a $150 finishing deposit

the best

Unlimited photo session, indoor and outdoor studios. Unlimited settings and wardrobes. Great for anyone wanting a variety of settings and finished portraits. We will produce up to four beautifully crafted artistic composites that we will design together as well as other quality portraits of your choosing finished in textured backgrounds. 

$500 plus a $250 finishing deposit

We probably won't be your most inexpensive choice of photographer; but our passion, skill set, experience, and resources position us as a great choice for quality portrait art. Portrait art is much, much more than an image taken from a camera and spruced up. It is about planning, lighting, experience, artistic skills, finishing resources, and a passion for showing your unique personality in a beautiful finished work of art.  

The Experience

We pay particular attention to your portrait session experience. We have a very welcoming and comfortable facility with multiple changing rooms and facilities where you can put your feet up and relax for a moment. Posing is sometimes hard work and we recognize that.

The Video

With your permission, we video each session and have those videos professionally mastered. We make those videos available to you as a keepsake to remember your photo session at WonderWorks.

You Get More

for Your Money with Us